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E-Commerce and staying Competitive

Forrester Research projects that online sales in the United States will reach $1.13 trillion by 2020. That is only three years away. Is your site optimized for ecommerce? Can your market share grow by engaging NOYO Web Development? Yes. If you haven’t already done so, you must embrace ecommerce, especially across mobile devices, to stay ultra-competitive.

Furthermore, Zogby Analytics found that 90% of all Millennials have their phones with them at all times. The first activity of the day is to check their smartphone, and 78% of them spend over two hours every day texting, tweeting, surfing, shopping and banking.

What else did Zogby Analytics discover about the up-and-coming consumer group?

• 88% have or would deposit a check by snapping a picture

• 60% predict that everything will be done using mobile devices in next five years

• 54% would pay using a mobile wallet

• 86% say there are still a lot of websites without good mobile functionality

• 14% wouldn’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site or app

Ecommerce Means More Than Sales

Many businesses adopted websites for e-commerce years ago, but SMEs frequently fail to understand just how important this category is for driving business. In addition, ecommerce is increasingly a method for producing incremental revenue or collecting payments more easily. Some businesses can almost completely move their operations to the Internet with consumer, owner and supplier portals linked into general ledger accounting and banking. The options are endless and increasingly necessary in the Internet of Things era.

NOYO Web Development can help you regardless of your ecommerce needs. We use a variety of platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, so we can recommend the precise system for your project and specific needs. Each platform is robust and feature rich, which gives online merchants control over their site.

You can then use the inbuilt reporting tools and Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of your customers. Then we will work with you to optimize your site to produce greater results. NOYO Web Development is your partner in growing your business through accurate business intelligence and insights to reach your highest objectives.

Ecommerce Expands the Marketplace

From small, local businesses to the granddaddy of ecommerce, Amazon, every company can benefit from integrating ecommerce into their website. This could be selling products. But, ecommerce solutions can include selling digital products, selling and arranging for consultations, or other intangibles. It represents a flexible tool for any type of business.

NOYO Web Development has been building ecommerce sites for over eight years using the latest technological advancements. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how ecommerce can expand your business.

Our Mission

Since being founded in 2009 our longevity in the web design industry and repeat business is positive proof of our commitment to delivering outstanding results over the years. We’re a dynamic team of problem solvers and critical thinkers who enjoy a challenge which you will quickly sense when speaking with any member of our team.

NOYO Web Development Inc. helps your business grow by providing exactly what you need, within budget, on time.