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Biggest Websites Using WooCommerce Around the Globe

Yes, 33% of all eCommerce websites around the world are powered by WooCommerce. In fact, WooCommerce has more than 26 million downloads and over 3 million active installs. If so many successful businesses are relying upon this technology, shouldn’t you as well? WooCommerce as an Open Source Platform WooCommerce is free and offers your business […]

WooSesh Replaces WooConf in 2018

For devotees of WooCommerce, learning the WooConf will not take place in 2018, WooSesh has become the highly anticipated virtual event to attend. After conducting a successful conference, organizer Brian Richards revealed another episode that falls under the WordSesh umbrella. Recently, close to 500 people joined WordSesh, and people from around the globe attended with […]

New WordPress Plugin Supports Progressive Web Apps

WordPress PWA support will enable the theme and plugin ecosystems to integrate and provide visitors with more engaging methods to connect with businesses. As the marketplace builds upon this core support, site owners will be able to offer better UX for mobile with a more streamlined adoption process.

The Latest Innovation from WordPress: Gutenberg

WordPress is developing a new publishing tool called Gutenberg, and it aims to make your words, layout, and pictures look just as stunning as they do in your imagination – all without any code. The Gutenberg editor uses block to generate all types of content, and it will replace inconsistent ways of customizing WordPress by […]

Trends in WordPress Progressive Themes

WordCamp Europe 2018 convened in Belgrade, Serbia over June 14-16, and progressive themes were a major trend discussed throughout the convention. NOYO Web Development takes a look at what four experts think regarding this significant trend. What is a Progressive WordPress Theme Simply put, a progressive WordPress theme is a theme designed to support progressive […]

WooCommerce Trends

This increasing popularity makes WooCommerce a driver of ecommerce trends. Previous trends included increased utilization of mulit-media product pages, personalization, and mobile shopping. Let’s take a deeper look into upcoming trends in WooCommerce and ecommerce.

Mobile Optimize Your Site with WordPress

In our last blog post, we compared mobile sites versus mobile apps. In this article, we are going to continue with examining which options are best for your business by looking at mobile sites versus responsive sites. As always, we recommend WordPress for mobile optimizing your digital presence. Mobile Site or Responsive Site? When web […]

WordPress is Best for Mobile

Remember your first smartphone? Maybe you had an early version of the iPhone. Apple released the first iPhone only 10 years ago, and look how much has changed because of that technology. Even then, responsive web design was a distant future technology. Apple thought their device would be just fine for view full sized websites […]

Best New Developments for eCommerce in 2019

In our last post, we began outlining what we believe will be the most important trends to embrace in eCommerce in the coming year. It is never too early to begin planning for your success in 2019. Take a look at these additional developments in eCommerce expected to be leading trends in 2019. Voice Search […]

Trends in eCommerce for 2019

Are we really looking at trends for 2019 when 2018 is not even half over? Yes, especially for eCommerce! Any retailer, whether online or on the ground, knows that retail is planned out at least a year in advance. If you are not looking at remaining competitive with your WordPress eCommerce website for future years, […]

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