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Cisco predicts that U.S. mobile data traffic will reach 2.9 exabytes per month by 2020. An exabyte is one quintillion bytes or one billion gigabytes. Mobile websites are absolutely mandatory in today’s world where mobile devices outnumber the total worldwide population. In addition, responsive web design means that one website can be accessed across all the devices belonging to the 5.5 billion mobile users, which is 70% of the global population.

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NOYO Web Development produces more than just “mobile-friendly” websites. We design, develop, and build responsive websites customized to ensure that it highlights the information most important to the on-the-go-visitor. In addition, we develop mobile websites that fulfill a specific purpose and encourage regular repeat visits. The user experience of visiting a mobile-optimized website should be just as seamless and delightful as using the best mobile apps.

In fact, mobile-optimized websites have several distinct advantages over apps, including:

  • Mobile sites work across all mobile devices, rather than needing different versions for different devices.
  • You can download icons to your mobile homepage, meaning you link straight to the website.
  • Users don’t need to download regular updates as they do with apps. The mobile website can be updated immediately at any time.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Every website has unique needs. However, every website has a common need in the Internet of Things era: mobile-friendliness and responsive design support.

Responsive web design enables the website’s layout to change to fit the specific mobile device. A widescreen display can show as multiple columns of content, whereas a small screen display will show as a single column with appropriately sized text and links.

The Importance of Mobile Optimization and SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) now has a high dependency upon mobilization. Google has recommended moving to responsive web designs form many years in response to the proliferation of mobile devices. However, now Google adds a “mobile-friendly” label to mobile-optimized websites and rewards them with better rankings. By rewarding mobile-friendly sites, non-mobile sites are penalized in the rankings. Responsive web design is now a crucial aspect of SEO.

Responsive web design also prepares your business for the future. No matter what size screen the next innovative gadget has, your site is ready to scale up or down for a fluid user experience. The design adapts to the device. In addition, your business avoids the hassle of managing two websites: the main site and the second, mobile optimized site. With only one site to update, you achieve lower web content management costs, high ROI, and better user experience.

Our Mission

Since being founded in 2009 our longevity in the web design industry and repeat business is positive proof of our commitment to delivering outstanding results over the years. We’re a dynamic team of problem solvers and critical thinkers who enjoy a challenge which you will quickly sense when speaking with any member of our team.

NOYO Web Development Inc. helps your business grow by providing exactly what you need, within budget, on time.