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Blogging to Build Your Business

At NOYO Web Development, we are frequently asked if blogging is truly necessary for greater internet visibility and higher website traffic. We hear this primarily from small business owners who are pressed for time, or who may not have strong writing skills to craft high quality content. As a business owner who has built a […]

Avoiding an SEO Catastrophe During a Website Redesign

Redesigning a website or migrating to a new content management system involves intricate planning and hard work. Without taking the appropriate precautions, your SEO can experience a complete catastrophe during the process. When executed correctly, a redesign should be seamless. When implemented incorrectly, a redesign can produce a disaster. You know the critical importance of […]

Best New Developments for eCommerce in 2019

In our last post, we began outlining what we believe will be the most important trends to embrace in eCommerce in the coming year. It is never too early to begin planning for your success in 2019. Take a look at these additional developments in eCommerce expected to be leading trends in 2019. Voice Search […]

Creating Great Headlines for Great SEO

Our last post delved into blogging as a means to keep your website content fresh and relevant, which is something Google and other search engines seek out. Creating a great headline is crucial to capturing the attention of your potential customers. It needs to convey urgency and be unique. In addition, take these tips into […]

WordPress Blogging Tips for Greater Success

The early days of blogging were fun. You could post anything and share your passion anyone else around the globe who shared your passion. Whether it was automotives, cooking, philosophy, or cats, the audience was there waiting for you. However, over the last couple of decades, blogging has gone from a fun hobby to a […]

Horizontal Scalability is the Key to WordPress Scalability

The key to operating an enterprise level WordPress website that can handle a large amount of traffic without risking downtime is an elastic architecture. This is the capability of operating the website across many machines simultaneously. Your website must exceed a single server in order to reach enterprise level scalability. WordPress Excels at Elastic Architecture […]

Why is Blogging Important to SEO?

If you have navigated through the NOYO Web Development site, you have likely noticed the inclusion of a content curator and blogger on our team. We recommend blogging for our client’s websites and businesses to help establish thought leadership, increase credibility, and build trust with your clients. It helps you engage your audience and build […]

Top 7 Features for Your Ecommerce Website

Whether you are offering a product or service, the user experience (UX) plays a major role in customer service and satisfaction (CX). The digital marketplace evolves every day, and each year brings new ideas, new concepts, and trends. One critical lesson NOYO impresses upon its clients is to embrace innovation, try to be an early […]

Additional Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Site

In our last blog post, we offered some best practices for your WordPress website. In this post, we continue with our top tips to optimize your site. Optimize with targeted titles and descriptions. When you share posts and pages on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, these sites pick up a page title and description to go […]

Tips for WordPress Beginners

We have all had it happen. You meet someone new who says all the right things. They pour on the accolades and compliments, but something vaguely annoys you. The words don’t fit the actions. They forget much of what they say, and sometimes they are downright mean. Eventually, you see that person for who they […]

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