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Trends in Web Design for 2018

Now that we are coming to the end of summer 2017, it’s time to look at the upcoming trends in web design in 2018. In a previous blog post, we looked at specific trends in Wordpress for 2018, but this post will be an overview of more general trends in design.

Clean Layouts That Highlight Content

There was an era of web design when the goal was to show off all the newest bells and whistles. Web pages had multiple features, animated designs, scrolling effects, and other trappings to let users know how cool their designers were. As time and technology has brought additional innovations, many of the gimmicky features have receded into the past. Today, the trends are towards cleaner, simpler layouts that enable the content to shine through with its message.

Typography is becoming crucial as well. Designs that have clear information hierarchies and obvious points for navigation through the web pages are now mandatory. The mobile era has ushered in this cleaner design layout, which is far easier to implement for mobile devices. With over 51% of smartphone users accessing the internet over their mobile devices, it is easy to understand the shift in clean design. In addition, there will be an increase in semantic design that prioritizes information clarity and user experience, rather than archaic or hyper-complex web designs of yesteryear.

Colorful Designs Driven by Typography

The fashionable skeuomorphism of yesterday’s web designs is gone for good. User interface designs are quickly becoming based on typography. Text-based links are now the choice over buttons for most user interactions, and this trend will increase exponentially as we move into 2018. You will find a preference for big, bold text-based design, with large headers that make the message immediately and completely clear to the visitor. In addition, trends will move towards more bright, saturated colors as enterprise level, global organizations adopt the newest gradient trends. Adopt these features now, because, by 2019, nearly all web design will be mimicking these trends.

Internet of Things Connectivity

Just as application programming interface (API) drove trends in the past, connecting web services to the IoT was a hit in 2017 and will gain steam in 2018. IoT devices are internet-connected objects that can be a smart refrigerator, a turbine, or any other electronic device. They use server-side processing and sensor arrays to receive and act on data within their immediate proximity. APIs will be developed that allow web developers to connect to and communicate with IoT devices. The levels of interconnectivity are likely to increase.

There will be some auxiliary concerns about security, so developers will be tasked with protecting data from breaches as well.

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