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Trends in WordPress for 2017 and Beyond

If you think of WordPress as just a free blogging tool, think again. WordPress powers 26% of the global Internet, and it commands a phenomenal 59.4% market share for content management systems (CMS). With that type of usage worldwide, trends are bound to appear. NOYO Web Development reviews some of those trends below.

7 Trends in WordPress

  1. Parallax will continue in popularity. This characteristic moves the background more slowly than the foreground producing an illusion of 3D. Current data suggests that it increases web traffic, so this trend will likely continue.
  2. Themes are prominent in WordPress web design. This will continue but with some innovations. Although there are literally thousands of free and premium themes available online, you will find the process of selecting just the right one more streamlined. Now WordPress theme applications allow you to select the desired option and customize it to suit your needs.
  3. Genuine design will become a leading trend. As global competition increases, the ability to attract and convert visitors also increases. The growing demand for unique websites is also growing. It takes special knowledge to produce highly customized elements for web pages, including knowledge of HTML5, Java Script and other platforms to produce highly functional and fashionable animations. Using these tools will depend upon honed skills in planning and execution.
  4. Drag and drop content will displace sidebar layouts. Drag and drop widgets are very popular and easy to use. They offer a broad array of flexibility to developers in designing presentation. In addition, they provide full control over the display, and this trend is expected to grow.
  5. Moving to an SaaS platform has become an alternative option. Although the massive numbers of themes and plugins are available, their codes fall under the general public license rule. This means that anyone can alter the code and use them on their own site. However, this violates the copyright, which in turns chills innovation. One solution includes adapting the widget to SaaS. More developers are using different licensing policies to protect their codes.
  6. Mobile compatibility is a requirement now. More people are using their tablets and smartphones to access the Internet for shopping, banking, surfing, and other functions. Every website needs to meet the demands of these mobile users. In one recent survey, 80% of people use mobile gadgets for the Internet. WordPress pages must be optimized for this trend.
  7. Images are eclipsing text in some instances, especially for the homepage. Many users have short attention spans, avoid text, and develop a first impression from the image on the landing page. Images and videos must instantly convey a marketing message that grabs the visitor and holds their attention. This can be supplemented by graphic illustrations; however, the trend will be towards minimalist designs with inspirational pictures.

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