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What Happened to Featured Themes on WordPress?

Recently, WordPress removed its featured themes page from the theme directory. Prior to that change, visitors would see this as the primary page when visiting the theme directory. WordPress has posted the popular themes list in its place. This affects only WordPress.org and not the WordPress admin for end-users. First Change to WordPress Theme Page […]

An Introduction to WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the best platform for building any type of website. It’s very flexible and beginner-friendly. However, it’s default settings may not offer the function you are seeking, so you will need to look for another way to add those features. Fortunately, the WordPress community at large has created a functionality solution known as the […]

WordPress Bebo

WordPress 5.0 has just released its new block-based editor, which they have named after the Cuban jazz musician, Bebo Valdes. Developers expect this block-based editor to provide a smoother, streamlined editing experience. The Bebo editor enhances the insertion of media content and makes it easier to rearrange any type of content. In WordPress Bebo, each […]

WordPress Steps Back on Gutenberg

The WordPress Accessibility Team has recently published a report addressing the level of accessibility on Gutenberg. Comprised primarily of unpaid volunteers, the team worked together to produce the detailed assessment, which publicly recognizes the challenges that Gutenberg faces. The report is being called an transparent, honest assessment of Gutenberg’s readiness. Accessibility of Gutenberg is a […]

Update on WordPress Gutenberg

The “Try Gutenberg” prompt was released approximately three weeks ago in WordPress 4.9.8, and the plugin has over 200,000 active installations. This callout has increased awareness of the Gutenberg project and created much needed feedback for the developers and designers of the new editor. Declining Star Rating Before WordPess 4.9.8, Gutenberg reviews were a meager […]

Why Using the Latest Version of WordPress is a Must

On August 2, WordPress announced its release of WordPress 4.9.8, which is a maintenance release that fixes 46 bugs and adds enhancements and blessed tasks. This includes updating the Twenty Seventeen theme. The Gutenberg Callout You will notice an option to Try Gutenberg when you login to your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to test drive […]

WordPress Now Supports Progressive Web Apps

WordPress contributors are working diligently to add support for progressive web apps (PWA) into the core. A new PWA feature plugin is available now through WordPress.org, piloted by teams from Google, Automattic, and XWP.

WordPress 4.9 and More Updates in 2018

We’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. WordPress is the world’s top platform with over 27% of the Internet powered by WordPress. WordPress trends are the leaders in web development trends. WordPress version 4.8 came out in 2017, which included new and improved widgets for adding audio, images, and video to your website. In […]

Trends in WordPress for 2017 and Beyond

If you think of WordPress as just a free blogging tool, think again. WordPress powers 26% of the global Internet, and it commands a phenomenal 59.4% market share for content management systems (CMS). With that type of usage worldwide, trends are bound to appear. NOYO Web Development reviews some of those trends below.

WooCommerce Releases Much Anticipated Updates

On April 4, 2017, Mick Jolley, lead developer at WooCommerce made the following announcement: “With great delight, I wish to inform you that WooCommerce 2.7 will be now versioned as 3.0.0. The new version of WooCommerce was expected to be released somewhere during February 2017. But, the development cycle itself was filled with a number […]

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