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Planning a Revamp of Your Website

A business website is a fundamental asset for any kind of organization, from global enterprises to small mom-and-pop shops. However, designing, updating, and managing that website can be time-consuming and tedious drudgery. Many organizations that are slim on resources find themselves intimidated by the prospect of performing a full website revamp. Revamp for Relevancy Website […]

Trends in eCommerce for 2019

Are we really looking at trends for 2019 when 2018 is not even half over? Yes, especially for eCommerce! Any retailer, whether online or on the ground, knows that retail is planned out at least a year in advance. If you are not looking at remaining competitive with your WordPress eCommerce website for future years, […]

Creating Great Headlines for Great SEO

Our last post delved into blogging as a means to keep your website content fresh and relevant, which is something Google and other search engines seek out. Creating a great headline is crucial to capturing the attention of your potential customers. It needs to convey urgency and be unique. In addition, take these tips into […]

WordPress Blogging Tips for Greater Success

The early days of blogging were fun. You could post anything and share your passion anyone else around the globe who shared your passion. Whether it was automotives, cooking, philosophy, or cats, the audience was there waiting for you. However, over the last couple of decades, blogging has gone from a fun hobby to a […]

More Tips for Superior WordPress Site Performance

In our last blog post, we reviewed some basics for improving the performance of your WordPress website. Here, we follow with more sound practices to follow: Best Practices for SEO Basics A Google robot scrapes millions of websites, and you need to ensure that what it sees on your website is optimized for SEO. Consider […]

Horizontal Scalability is the Key to WordPress Scalability

The key to operating an enterprise level WordPress website that can handle a large amount of traffic without risking downtime is an elastic architecture. This is the capability of operating the website across many machines simultaneously. Your website must exceed a single server in order to reach enterprise level scalability. WordPress Excels at Elastic Architecture […]

Why WordPress is Best for Enterprise-Level Businesses

More than any other business, an enterprise-level organization needs to maintain a reliable, scalable web presence to remain highly competitive. With that objective in mind, many IT leaders at large-scale businesses have historically adopted expensive web solutions that require proprietary support contract for guaranteed quality. However, there is now a much less expensive way, WordPress. […]

Additional Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Site

In our last blog post, we offered some best practices for your WordPress website. In this post, we continue with our top tips to optimize your site. Optimize with targeted titles and descriptions. When you share posts and pages on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, these sites pick up a page title and description to go […]

Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Slow loading times can kill your website, drive off visitors, damage engagement, and ultimately end your online business. In the mobile era, speed is crucial, and you may be inadvertently using techniques that actually slow down your WordPress site. Here are three useful ways to speed it up. Change out embeds for images and delete […]

WooCommerce Trends for 2018

WooCommerce is a spectacularly successful WordPress plugin. In fact, 78.4 % of online stores using the WordPress platform also use WooCommerce. NOYO Web Development recommends WordPress and choose WooCommerce almost exclusively for our clients. WooCommerce is a powerful yet free plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites. It is flexible and provides many convenient options […]

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