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Enhancing WordPress Website Security

WordPress is a wildly popular and widely used blogging platform. It also supports any kind of website including enterprise level, complex sites. 26% of all websites worldwide use WordPress. Of course, hackers, spammers, and other cyber-criminals focus on targeting WordPress. In this post, we continue with measures to protect your website.

Use an SSL Certificate to Encrypt Data

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is crucial for WordPress security, especially for sites that store consumer data. The SSL certificate ensures that data transferred between the user and the server is are encrypted making it impossible for cyber-criminals to spoof the data.

You may also consider a wildcard SSL certificate which allows you to secure your domain and unlimited sub-domains on one certificate. This saves considerable time and money, plus you can combine the wild card certificate with subject alternative names (SANs), which expands the certificate’s functionality even more.

Backup Files Consistently

Backing up your data is always wise. Using an external backup is the most secure method, and if a breach occurs on your site, you can quickly restore it to the last state prior to the attack. In addition, NOYO Web Design can recommend an appropriate premium backup solution that will automatically back up data every 30 minutes. Restoration is a one click process.

Secure Hosting Setup

You can take security to a higher level with protecting the wp-config.php file that stores critical data regarding the WordPress installation. Restricting access to the wp-config.php file protects that data from hackers to breach the security of your site. The best method of hiding the wp-config.php file is to relocate it to a higher level than the root directory file.

Disallow File Editing

This is a must. By disallowing file editing of your WordPress site, you preclude any user from editing files including the WordPress installation files. Thus, if a hacker gains access to your WordPress admin panel, editing or modifying files is impossible.

Monitor for Malware

Installing a program that monitors for malware is extremely important to site security. Look for one that conducts deep checks to seek out deep breaches. If malware is detected, take corrective action immediately.

NOYO Web Design also recommends cleaning your site and deleting old themes and plugins. In addition, control sensitive information such as the readme.html files, phpinfo.php, or i.php files, which contain inclusive information regarding the WordPress site setup. Lastly, we recommend protecting the .sql database backup files. With this information, a hacker can download your entire database including usernames and encrypted passwords.

WordPress also offers many security plugins with features to make a WordPress site secure from known vulnerabilities. These plugins address login security, access control, spam protection, backup tools, content theft protection, file integrity monitoring, firewalls, email protection, and more.

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