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WordPress as an Enterprise Level CMS – Part II

In our last blog post, we reviewed some of the powerful features that make WordPress the best platform and CMS to use for enterprise level, global organizations. We highlighted multi-lingual capabilities, powerful publishing tools, powerful SEO publishing, content publishing calendar with Workflows, media management, and application framework.

In this blog post, we will review mobile friendliness, multiple authors, multi-site content management, and user role permissions and management, and security.

Mobile Friendly

Needless to say, WordPress is mobile friendly from the frontend to the backend. You can manage your WordPress site from a smartphone because the admin system is totally responsive. Developers are not locked into one responsive web design (RWD) and can customize the front end experience with WordPress.

Multiple Authors

WordPress accommodates multiple authors, which is a critical feature for an enterprise level or serious publication website. The free plugin called Editflow will extend the multiple author capabilities to add editorial workflow functions. This extends the productivity of the multiple author environment.

Multi-site Content Management

WordPress easily powers a network of websites. In fact, multi-site capabilities are now recognized as a native feature of WordPress. Now with the additional multi-site capabilities, the CMS is fully enterprise ready. These capabilities provide for sub-directories, sub-domains, and domains within the network. The multi-site features facilitate central management for large organizations with segmented business units that require centralized management.

User Role Permissions and Management

A WordPress website allows admin to easily manage user permissions such as creating web pages, writing and editing posts, creating categories, tagging, managing plugins, moderating comments, managing themes, even managing other users. User and role management can be extended through plugins or other programming to customize user permissions.


While security is taken seriously in WordPress, it’s best to recognize that no system is 100 percent secure. All platforms, content management systems, and servers have security risks. For instance, the wrong plugin can increase security risks. Since WordPress is open source, you may not know who wrote or coded the plugins.

But, by being open source, developers around the world are continually upgrading security within WordPress, which makes its security some of the highest in the world. Taking basic security precautions makes WordPress a very secure platform.

Some security precautions to take include:

  • Containment and backups. The host location is crucial, and backups are key to safeguard against losses
  • Limit access to trusted individuals
  • Make sure your developer uses only plugins and themes from trusted sources. This will also ensure reliability as well as scalability
  • Keep the system up-to-date
  • Use a secure hosting environment

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