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Trends in Web Design for 2018 Part II

In our previous blog post, NOYO Web Development took a look into the future and reviewed several trends in web design for 2018. We continue with several other trends that we see for next year: greater use of negative space, meaningful scroll triggered animations, and micro-interactions.

This is the second blog of a two-part series: Trends in Web Design for 2018

2018 Website Trends: Make Use of Negative Space

Negative space has been around since the dawn of the Internet, but in 2018, we see developers embracing greater uses for negative space. Especially on mobile sites, light-weight page design is crucial. Gimmicky, flashy design is just so last decade. Every element on a page has a sole purpose: increase conversions. Animations must have more than just visual appeal. The must-have demonstrated and illustrate the product or service. Moving towards adding value and conversions will gain speed exponentially, and negative space will draw attention to the conversion point. Clean, straightforward pages were hot in 2017. Now minimalism will reach stratospheric importance in 2018.

Meaningful Scroll-Triggered Animations

Scroll animation triggers have been around as well. However, in 2018 NOYO Web Development sees them being used differently. Animation needs something beyond flashy and gimmicky. They need a purpose. They must be minimalist and strategic, created for increasing engagement and conversions. The animation draws the user further in and down to the conversion point by encouraging them to continue scrolling. The animations educate about the product or service while remaining super clean. No clutter from menus or buttons. The site is an experience that is alive. NOYO Web Development is expert at creating meaningful scroll triggered animations, which are an engaging method of upgrading your website.

Micro-interactions to Enhance User Experience

Facebook has driven the popularity of micro-interactions. Now you can go beyond the “like,” and select from a range of reactions. You can see the difference in engagement almost instantly. Micro-interactions allow the user to interact without reloading the page. Prior to the mobile, IoT era, the web has been static. If you wanted to submit a comment, you had to wait for a page reload. This seems small, but it is still a speed bump, and many users bounce right off at that point. Micro-interactions will reduce those speed bumps and enhance user interactions, giving them the opportunity to engage with your company in real-time. This design element will break down communication barriers, increase connectivity, and produce the speed that consumers now demand in the increasingly mobile world.

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