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WooSesh Replaces WooConf in 2018

For devotees of WooCommerce, learning the WooConf will not take place in 2018, WooSesh has become the highly anticipated virtual event to attend. After conducting a successful conference, organizer Brian Richards revealed another episode that falls under the WordSesh umbrella. Recently, close to 500 people joined WordSesh, and people from around the globe attended with a robust presence from the United States.

WooConf Replaced by WooSesh, Event Date Oct 18

Because WooConf will not take place this year, WooSesh offers a stimulating option that is accessible from anywhere in the world, and it will run during October 18 and 19. Co-organizers Patrick Rauland and Brian Richards have scheduled eight presentations each day, which means the event will be approximately 8 to 10 hours each day.

Once we learned that WooConf wouldn’t be taking place this year we reached out to our friends at Automattic to see if we could work with them as well to still provide a high-quality event but for a much more global audience,” Richards said.

WooCommerce is the event’s sponsor, and they are making it free to attend. The organizers are working with other key companies in the WooCommerce landscape who are offering expert staff for many of the presentations, in addition to pulling together digital swag bags for those who attend.

WooSesh Offers Complimentary Event Ticket

As an incentive, WooSesh organizers are marketing a $200 ticket price for those who do not attend live. Those who register in advance and attend the conference in real-time will get receive a complimentary ticket.

“That means if a person joins the mailing list and shows up for the event, they’ll be able to experience the whole thing at no cost to them,” Richards said. “Similar to WordSesh, a ticket grants attendees access to the entire broadcast, chat, recordings, real-time transcriptions, and some cool digital swag. But with WooSesh they’ll also get some targeted follow-up content, and perhaps a private community, to further help them succeed and increase the impact of this conference.

WooSesh Live Stream, Post Event Recordings

The organizers will make recordings available for viewing after the event; however, follow-ups and perks will be made available to only those people who attended live. The objective is to build upon the collective knowledge and experience through the virtual conference while facilitating smoother attendance and participation between speakers and attendees.

By hosting the event in the virtual environment, the organizers intend to break down barriers to communication and learning. The only downside may be the perception that free means “cheap.” But in the open source world, that perception should be knocked down quickly. The content of the event is expected to be worthwhile, relevant, and highly useful.

New WooSesh Case Studies for Security, SEO

In addition, the WooSesh organizers intend to present a host of compelling case studies, in addition to talks about security, SEO, tips for creating an array of ecommerce stores, and share knowledge built by actual experiences. The event will also present opportunities for developers to attend sessions that delve deeply into the WooCommerce performance, architecture, information on building and supporting custom extensions, and expanding service offerings for ecommerce projects of all sizes.

“Our biggest goal with WooSesh is that it will help store builders as well as coders to have more impact with what they build,” Richards said. “Specifically, we’d like to see them make some measurable progress in their own goals, whether that’s more sales, better customer experiences, greater depth of knowledge, or otherwise. We’re also hoping that some of these talks will inspire attendees to do more than they originally thought possible – either for their own e-commerce stores or for their customers/clients.”

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