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Why WordPress is Best for Enterprise-Level Businesses

More than any other business, an enterprise-level organization needs to maintain a reliable, scalable web presence to remain highly competitive. With that objective in mind, many IT leaders at large-scale businesses have historically adopted expensive web solutions that require proprietary support contract for guaranteed quality. However, there is now a much less expensive way, WordPress. […]

Why is Blogging Important to SEO?

If you have navigated through the NOYO Web Development site, you have likely noticed the inclusion of a content curator and blogger on our team. We recommend blogging for our client’s websites and businesses to help establish thought leadership, increase credibility, and build trust with your clients. It helps you engage your audience and build […]

Top 7 Features for Your Ecommerce Website

Whether you are offering a product or service, the user experience (UX) plays a major role in customer service and satisfaction (CX). The digital marketplace evolves every day, and each year brings new ideas, new concepts, and trends. One critical lesson NOYO impresses upon its clients is to embrace innovation, try to be an early […]

Additional Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Site

In our last blog post, we offered some best practices for your WordPress website. In this post, we continue with our top tips to optimize your site. Optimize with targeted titles and descriptions. When you share posts and pages on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, these sites pick up a page title and description to go […]

Tips for WordPress Beginners

We have all had it happen. You meet someone new who says all the right things. They pour on the accolades and compliments, but something vaguely annoys you. The words don’t fit the actions. They forget much of what they say, and sometimes they are downright mean. Eventually, you see that person for who they […]

Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Slow loading times can kill your website, drive off visitors, damage engagement, and ultimately end your online business. In the mobile era, speed is crucial, and you may be inadvertently using techniques that actually slow down your WordPress site. Here are three useful ways to speed it up. Change out embeds for images and delete […]

WordPress 4.9 and More Updates in 2018

We’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. WordPress is the world’s top platform with over 27% of the Internet powered by WordPress. WordPress trends are the leaders in web development trends. WordPress version 4.8 came out in 2017, which included new and improved widgets for adding audio, images, and video to your website. In […]

Top Tips for Selecting the Right Web Development Company

This post is part of a series designed to help you select the right web development company for your needs. A successful development project starts by choosing a highly qualified digital development agency. A website overhaul or building one from scratch is a significant project for your company, and you need a web developer that […]

WooCommerce Trends for 2018

WooCommerce is a spectacularly successful WordPress plugin. In fact, 78.4 % of online stores using the WordPress platform also use WooCommerce. NOYO Web Development recommends WordPress and choose WooCommerce almost exclusively for our clients. WooCommerce is a powerful yet free plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites. It is flexible and provides many convenient options […]

Why WooCommerce is Best for Your Online Store

Online sales are breaking records this holiday season. Is your online store stuck in the static web period-back with the dinosaurs? Or did your business realize its share of the nearly 17% increase in online sales on Cyber Monday? If not, you should seriously consider migrating to WordPress and WooCommerce. NOYO Web Development has years […]

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