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Cyber Monday Breaks Records-Is Your Website Prepared For 2018?

November 27, 2017 broke massive records. Cyber Monday is now the largest online shopping day in US history. Online transactions exceeded $6.59 billion, making a record breaking event. This represents an increase of a whopping 16.8 % over 2016. Mobile sales reached $2 billion in a 24 hour period. Upgrade Your Website to Meet 2018 […]

2017 Black Friday Online Sales Hit All Time High

Digital sales dominated the headlines for Black Friday shopping results. American shoppers dropped a record $5 billion in 24 hours, which is a whopping 16.9% increase in dollars spent over the internet versus Black Friday 2016, according to Adobe Digital Insights, which tracks 80% of internet spending on America’s 100 largest retail websites. It has […]

Is Your Website Ready for Black Friday Shopping?

Americans are primed and ready to take part in the country’s favorite shopping season. This increasingly includes online shopping, and bargain shoppers are already surfing the web to line up the best deals. Is your website able to handle the barrage of Black Friday shoppers? The Make-or-Break Season for Commerce If the answer is no, […]

The Psychology Behind Web Design

Superior web design goes far beyond delivering quality content and making it look nice. A well-designed website should evoke feelings that prompt the visitor to linger. The type of feelings, whether positive or negative, are within the hands of the designer and should be a key component of your web design plan. In this two […]

Web Development or Web Design? Is There a Difference?

We know from Google Analytics that companies search for both Web Development Company and Web Design Company. In the marketplace today, the two terms seem interchangeable; however, they represent two fundamentally different aspects of the website building process. Web development and web design require unique skills, which is why it’s crucial to understand the difference […]

More Mistakes That WordPress Developers Fail to Catch

In our last blog post, NOYO Web Development highlighted three critical mistakes that WordPress developers make that they shouldn’t. In this post, we focus on three more common errors that WordPress developers should avoid by rote memory. If you are seeking a professional developer for a new website or to upgrade an existing site, talk […]

Top WordPress Mistakes by Website Developers

WordPress is the most popular method to launch a website and have it functional quickly. However, many developers make bad decisions as a result of their haste. Some mistakes may be easy to make, others may be the result of laziness. Armed with the knowledge of the most common mistakes, you can make a far better decision when selecting your new web developer. This is the first in a series of educational blog posts to help you avoid problems in the future.

How to Check if Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

WordPress is a highly popular content management system both for its ease of use and its robust, airtight security. However, nearly 137,000 attacks occur to WordPress websites per minute all around the world.

200K Websites Infected By WordPress Plugin, Custom WordPress Websites More Secure

Sure, a WordPress website is easy to launch. However, hiring a professional web developer to produce a custom WordPress website will ensure greater security from malware and hackers. Although WordPress has robust security continually improved upon by the open source community, recently over 200,000 WordPress websites were infected through a plugin. Many DIYers were hurt by not staying on top of only trusted plugins the way professionals do.

Trends in Web Design for 2018 Part II

In our previous blog post, NOYO Web Development took a look into the future and reviewed several trends in web design for 2018. We continue with several other trends that we see for next year: greater use of negative space, meaningful scroll triggered animations, and micro-interactions.

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