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Is WordPress Best for SEO?

WordPress is the most utilized CMS for building websites in the world. However, is WordPress best for SEO results, and why should your business use it rather than other CMS options such as Drupal, Joomla, or Squarespace?

WordPress Built-in SEO Features and Other Tools

Every WordPress website has built-in SEO features that enhance the ability of search engines to crawl the content and other features. However, WordPress has unequaled third-party tools, services, and resources. This is everything from SEO-friendly WordPress themes, WordPress SEO guides, SEO plugins, and professionals who specialize in WordPress SEO – all of which impact your site’s SEO performance.

These are the three best SEO features that WordPress offers:

 SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

One of the first steps to planning and building your WordPress site is to select an appropriate theme, which is also called a template. Some themes can be more SEO-friendly than others. For instance, a theme that loads quickly can enhance SEO since Google takes into account website speed. In today’s environment, your business needs an SEO-friendly template that features HTML5, mobile responsiveness, security, and optimized code.

SEO-friendly Content and Site Structure

The organization of your website also plays an important role in SEO. This refers to the site structure. WordPress structures content by organizing it into blog categories, blog posts, pages, and tags. When content is published on WordPress, you specify the type of content, either page or blog post. If it is a blog post, then you assign it the appropriate category and tags. The categories and tags specify the topics within the blog content.

Permalink Structure

Another important SEO-friendly WordPress feature is the structure of the permalinks, or URLs. WordPress allows the site owner to set a unique permalink structure for blog posts. In addition, you can also use parent pages to organized permalinks. Choosing your own unique permalink structure is best, since the default structure is not optimal.

WordPress SEO Plugins Enhance Optimization

This is one area in which WordPress outshines all the competition. WordPress plugins are easy to add. The process is similar to downloading an app on your smartphone. The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin gives you the ability to configure SEO settings across the entire website in addition to optimizing specific content based on their keywords. Once Yoast settings are configured for the entire site, then you move on to optimizing the content. You simply set the focus keyword on a page or post, and the analysis feature will offer suggestions where to use the keyword and other ways to improve SEO.

Overall, WordPress is best for SEO. NOYO Web Development specializes in WordPress websites precisely because our clients enjoy stellar results such as higher rankings, traffic, visitors, conversions, and customers. Contact us today for a free consultation on how a WordPress website can take your business to the next level and beyond.

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